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Hot dog sushi #bento. And how to make a quick sushi.

24 Jun


Simple. Fast. Easy.

With the right tools, making sushi is fast. This morning I didn’t know what to make and thought “hot dogs and rice”. I used a mold similar to the one below and it probably took me less than five minutes to make two rolls.

It summer so I’m going to apologize for the lack of posts now . But it’s summer…. 🙂

Sushi Mold



Here’s S’mores Thank You

22 Jun


For my kids’ thank you gift to the support staff at their school we made a s’more snack. It was simple to make and after a quick try 🙂 really good. Yes, I know it’s not healthy but I had a night to think of something and once again, Pinterest came to my rescue! My criteria for this gift was 1) required no cooking and 2) had very few ingredients. 🙂 LOL.

This recipe has THREE ingredients:

Golden Graham Cereal
Mini Marshmallows
Milk Chocolate Chips

If I have a chance to get it off my other computer, I will share the S’more label I made.

How to fold a T-Shirts in 5 seconds

22 Jun

How to fold a T-Shirts in 5 seconds

Okay, this has nothing to do with bentos, but its pretty cool. This past week I’ve enjoyed a low key week. It is summer… I love summer. Although I’m a working mom, I definitely feel a sense of relief when summer hits. No homework. Less classes. More sleep!! A pure sigh of relief. 🙂

So, as I sit here folding laundry, I thought of sharing this cool way of folding T-Shirts.

Panda Mania!! Thirty Pandas are in the House

12 Jun


The last day of school is tomorrow. Hard to believe another year has passed us by! Today each of my children has their end of the year class parties. To celebrate the day, I made pandas for the kids in my daughter’s class. I didn’t plan on making them, but her classmate asked, and I couldn’t say no. I’m such a sucker!

I punched out the nori last night and woke up early to assemble the pandas. My husband helped me by waking the kids up and making them breakfast. That was a huge help. It took me about 10 minutes to make 5 pandas. I know… nuts! I have a friend that thinks I’m out of my mind. LOL!

Cute faces make this #bento

11 Jun


Just a typical leftover bento. I didn’t have too much time to make it cute or to be creative but I managed a cute face. 🙂 I originally wanted to put the cheese cutout in the heart of the apple, but it slipped right through. So, on the top it went. 🙂

Three more days if school enforce summer! Whoohooo!

Field Trip Happy Musubi and Hidden Lady Bug #bento

10 Jun


Field trip bento for my daughter and her friend (last one from the auction lot that her friend’s mom won). It’s the last week of school, so we won’t have bentos for awhile as I don’t make them during the summer. 🙂

Simple hot dogs and rice #bento

4 Jun



Simple hot dogs and rice bento for my kiddos today. Nothing cute. In my mind its just a simple bento. I tossed the hot dogs in a pan (no oil) with a little of mirin. We have soooooo many organic strawberries so it is the fruit of choice right now. However my son will not eat strawberries with the “skin”. He hates the seeds. So he got apples with carrots punched in.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Happy musubi and chicken #bento

3 Jun


Simple yet cute. I didn’t originally have cute faces, but I had a little bit of time and figured I could put a little cuteness in the bento for my kiddos.

The chicken is leftover from a luau we went to yesterday. It’s really good! My daughter likes the chicken, but firmly said no to the kalua pig and poi. Lol!

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