Everyone Has A First – Here Is My First Bento

18 Oct
My Very First Bento

The month of October is a crazy month for my family.  Thus, I’ve opted to simplify my life and order school lunch for Ms. Little Bubbles.  I’m not very happy about it, especially since it comes at cost of $6 a lunch!  Wow! And I don’t even know if she is eating it all.  You know, growing up, my school lunches were 45 cents.  Let me say that again… 45 cents.  I don’t consider myself that old, but wow, times have changed.  Hummm…. maybe I am old.  LOL.

So, given my lack of current bentos, I thought I’d dig deep and show you my very first bento.  I highly suggest that if you are going to start bento making, take pictures! And if you are brave enough, share them with the world.  My first bento was not very imaginative, or neat, but i think it was a little balanced.  However, what got me psyched about making bentos was the feedback I got from my friends on Facebook.  They were great, and made me want to do it over and over again.  After this first bento, I made a few missteps (another post) but as with all things in life, practice counts, support makes you feel fantastic and a little imagination always helps.  🙂  Ahh… Life is like a bento box.  LOL.

Contents:  Ham and cheese sandwich, imitation crab stick, strawberry, grapes and a yogurt drink.


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