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Furikake Salmon Recipe as a Holiday Gift

19 Dec

Furikake Gifts

Every year I try to find a nice simple gift for my co-workers. This year I decided to give a bottle of furikake along with a salmon furikake recipe.  As I handed out the gifts, I realized that I worked with many people that didn’t know what furikake was and I had to explain the beauty of this little bottle.  And then I realized I didn’t really know how to explain what was in furikake, and why it’s a staple in my house.  LOL.  By the end, I was calling it “Japanese Seasoning”.  Which, I suppose, isn’t that wrong.

Below is the recipe I gave with the bottles of furikake:

Salmon Furikake Recipe

BTW, I think I took ALL the bottles of fuikake from the store.  LOL.  On a completely random note, at my work holiday party, my boss wanted to do something different and hired a paella caterer to come on location to make a paella for ~200 people.  About 45 minutes into making the paella, IT FELL OVER!!!!  With no back up paella maker/food, we ended up with pizza!  🙂

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