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Simple Burger Bento & Two Bentos a Day???

3 Aug


I’ve started to post pics from Instagram straight to my Twitter account. It’s much easier and I love the way Instagram takes photos! The filters add a personal touch.

Today’s bento used leftovers from last night’s dinner. A simple cheeseburger with strawberries, carrots, and a mix if arare and dried edamame.

Today was Ms. Little Bubbles last day of summer camp three!! We still have two more to go! Not two more weeks, but two different camps! I almost feel like summer is harder than a normal school year! However, it just dawned on me today that starting in September I have to make two bentos a day as Mr. Sweet Pea starts preschool. Eiya… How am I going to do that? And he is much pickier than my daughter. Hummmmmmm…. Wish me luck!

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