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Nothing much to say bento :-)

28 Jul


Nothing much to say. Just wanted to share Thursday’s simple sandwich bento. I used the thin sandwich bread. My daughter loves them. I also looooove that cherries are in season! So yummy!


Cute Happy Musubi Bento and My Cool Eco-Friendly, Resuable Paper Towels

25 Jul



OMG!  A cute bento.  I haven’t made a cute bento in awhile.  And as you can see I’m out of practice.  LOL!  I was struggling to think how I should arrange this bento.  I guess making cute bento’s is like anything else, it take practice and imagination.  🙂  This is a really basic bento, nothing fancy, I didn’t even make shoyu hot dogs, just plain hot dogs.  Poor Ms. Little Bubbles. 

The highlight of this bento (for me anyway) isn’t the actual bento.  It’s the fabric beneath the bento.  In my effort to be green and conscientious, and thanks to Pinterest, I found a reusable, eco friendly snapping paper towel set.  I know strange sounding but it’s actually pretty cool.  Luckily, my family is humoring me and using them.  I only purchased one “roll” from Mamamade on Etsy so I have to wash them with the laundry in the middle of the week.  But I’m loving how much I’m saving. They are actually pretty durable, and given I don’t have paper towels in my kitchen now, I don’t have an excuse not to use them.  I know, many of you are probably thinking “why don’t you just use towels from a drawer”.  Well, I do have towels in a drawer.  But it was still easier to rip a paper towel off and not use a towel.  So this method forces me to use them.  Plus they are pretty! 🙂

The upside to using these… I’m being eco-friendly and I will eventually save on the cost of paper towels.  The downside, if I use them with something that could stain, I need to spray them with a stain remover and if I don’t take them out of the dryer promptly, they will wrinkle (and not look as pretty as the picture below).

On a side tangent, but related to being eco-friendly, I stopped using OxyClean and other cleaners as my carpet and stain remover. Instead I started using white vinegar, water and hydrogen peroxide.  As crazy as it sounds…. it works so much better and I don’t feel guilty putting chemicals in my carpet.  The downside (because there is always one) the vinegar smell.  It’s stinky for a few minutes, but it eventually passes.  Although, I kinda like the smell.  It reminds me of my grandpa.  Growing up, vinegar was my grandpa’s cure all.  So, I’m kind of use to the smell.  LOL!  🙂



Amusement Park Bento

18 Jul


My kids love going to the amusement park. Although they can’t ride the big scary rides (scary to me!), they love going on the kiddie rides and coasters. The one thing I hate about going to amusement parks is the cost to buy food or drinks. I try to pack food for our family but don’t always have the discipline. But I woke up Sunday morning with enough time and energy to make a fresh batch of rice and easy eggs for a quick bento. My kids love furikake and these cute Hello Kitty furikake packets complimented these bentos perfectly. Although, when my daughter opened her bento and saw eggs, she asked for ketchup. She loves ketchup with her eggs, probably because I do. As a child, I looved ketchup on anything and everything. I hope you do think we are crazy. 🙂

I hope everyone’s week is going well! Happy summer!


Wholly Cow… Its been awhile

5 Jul


Sorry for the lack of posts! I feel bad! The last few months have been nuts. 😦 I can hardly believe that it is July…my summer is almost gone. As with most summers, I take it easy on bento making given my daughter is in summer camp and I try to make lunches fast and easy. This summer is no different. Although, having to plan two snacks and a lunch is stretching my mind a bit.

In May I took an early summer vacation with my family to attend my sister-in-laws wedding. Which by the way, the food stations at the wedding were outrageously awesome! Once we returned home, Ms. Little Bubbles still had two weeks of school left and given how tied and exhausted I was from the trip, I got lazy and ordered her hot lunch from school. Which by the way, she sees as a treat and looooooves it.

On Tuesday I made my first bento in awhile and planned on taking a picture of it. But much to my dismay, my daughter packed her lunch pack herself (great, right?!?) except she put her bento box in sideways! Eiya! Nonetheless, I didn’t bother taking a pic of that.

Above is today’s bento. Most of it is leftover from 4th of July. The grilled peaches were great, as was all the meat my hubs BBQ’d. But the kiddos prefer their simple mac and cheese, go figure. 🙂

Oh, by the way, here is a pic of the gigantic squash my friend grew in her garden! Nuts-o big!! We grilled it on 4th of July.


So… Here’s to more posts and blogs. I have a few more to post to catch up and will work on those. 🙂

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