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Soup Bento Bowl Box with Nishime

4 Jan

Nishime Bento

Happy New Year Everyone!  Wow, I can’t even believe it’s 2012.  My goodness…. my mom use to say that as an adult, time flies and she is right.  My daughter will say time takes forever, but seeing how fast she has grown up makes me sad.  She will no longer be Ms. “Little” Bubbles in a few years.

As we do every year, my husband made nishime for the new year.  Growing up, this was a dish my grandma made and although I’m 100% positive that it was delicious, I didn’t eat it.  (Everything my Grandma made was GOOD!)  As a kid, I didn’t like Japanese food.  Kinda strange, considering it is my favorite type of food now.  In fact, in 2nd grade, my mom took me on a two week trip to Japan and I didn’t eat during the entire trip because they didn’t serve cheese burgers!  I think my mom says I only ate rice for two weeks.  However, I do remember that when we drove into Tokyo, the tour bus passed by McDonald’s and every person on the bus tried to remember where the McDonald’s was and immediately rushed to it during our stop. I distinctly remember eating a lot of cheese burgers that night.

Times have changed and I definitely love Japanese food now, especially nishime. For Ms. Little Bubbles bento, I packed her red bean rice and nishime. Although, you cannot see the nishime as it is behind the green divider and apples. However, the highlight of this lunch is not the nishime (surprisingly!).  Rather, it is the container.  It is supposed to be a soup container, but I think it works without soup too.  Don’t you think it is just the cutest?  Mr. LoveInABento got us matching soup bento boxes.  🙂

Soup Bento Boxes

Soup Bentos

1 Dec

Portuguese Bean Soup

The universal question for anyone that has hosted Thanksgiving lunch or dinner is “what am I suppose to do with all my Thanksgiving leftovers?”  For my family, it is always SOUP.  Jook is an after-Thanksgiving staple, and in the last few years we’ve added Portuguese Bean Soup.  For those of you who are not familiar with jook, it’s a rice porridge that is made with turkey leftovers.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a sacred family recipe to pull out of our recipe box, so we rely on Google.  🙂  The past few years I’ve used a recipe by The Tasty Island Honolulu Food Blog. It’s not too difficult and makes really good jook.  The Portuguese Bean Soup recipe has been a trial and error experiment for my husband and I.  But I think we’ve narrowed it down to: 1) don’t overcook the potatoes, and 2) don’t add the macaroni until you are ready to eat it because if you let it sit in the soup, it drinks all your soup and leaves you with a thick mess.  🙂

A Not So Pretty Picture of My Jook Bento


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