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17 Mar



Angry Bird Field Trip Bento

17 Mar


Back to Blogging?

6 Jun

I’m definitely more active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook than I am on my blog.  But I refuse to let my blog go.  I have thoughts of writing to my blog again, but what always stops me is time.  

Time… something we all wish we had more of.  🙂

A little bit of history on what I’ve been up to.  About two years ago, my best friend passed away and it changed my world forever.  I was there when she passed and feel extremely blessed that I was a part of that moment.  Her passing changed the way I view the world in more ways than I can explain.  Since her passing, I’ve been trying to embrace the relationships in my life.  After a life changing moment, some will travel more, or try new things.  For me, I’ve embraced the simple moments and have looked towards my relationships as ones that I cannot take for granted.  I know there are times in the day or week that it may seem that I don’t treasure the relationships that I have (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) but in truth, there are many moments where I give a silent prayer to God for gracing me with a wonderful life.  I may not have immense material wealth, I may wish for a bigger home or ability to travel freely without thinking of how much it costs, but in the end… I’m blessed.  I’m truly, and utterly blessed.  

I’ve also been really busy with work and my family.  My bentos were born as a way to show my love to my kids, and continue to be so.  But life gets hectic, work gets crazy, after-school activities are endless (or so it seems), so my bentos and blogging have gone to the side.  Sorry.

I have thoughts in my head to pick up this blog again.  Please know that I am thinking about it.  Perhaps this blog will morph into something else.  Who knows.  Until then, please find me on Twitter or Instagram.  

With immense gratitude for visiting,

Ms. Kimmie

So sad… #bento went down at the beach

20 Jul


I made my son a panda bento, similar to my nephews, for our trip to the beach. We were all excited to be at the beach and ready to eat our lunches. Buy literally 30 seconds after giving my son his lunch, he dropped it in the sand!!!! So sad!!! We each shared part of our lunch with him. Ironically, he wasn’t too sad about the panda musubi. He was more upset about losing his noodles! Lol! 🙂

“Vacation” #bento for my nephew

19 Jul


We are visiting my in-laws for the week and I promised my nephew a bento while I am home. Luckily my sister-in-law had the panda molds and punches. I used leftover dinner meats and yummy cherries and carrots for the bento. The container is a reused takeout container, making it easy for him to recycle it at the park.

What kind if bentos have you made for the summer? 🙂


Airplane #bentos

6 Jul


We headed off to see the Grandparents and I decided to pack them a bento for the plane ride. I truly hate the cost of food at the airport and can’t stand the food offered on the plane that you can buy. If at all possible, I always try to bring my own food.

In these bentos, I tried to make simple items that would transport easily. This bento has a few small musubis, eggs, small sausage links and piggies in a blanket. I added fruit as my daughter loves strawberries and my son loves apples, and I had to use them before we left for our trip.


Simple Trader Joes Chicken Teriyaki #Bento for Summer Camp

3 Jul


I admit it… I cheat sometimes! LOL! There is no way I can make all my food on my own. Although chicken teriyaki is relatively fast compared to other dishes, I did cheat on this and used Trader Joes Chicken Teriyaki. It’s fast… Easy and tastes pretty good.

The kids are now in summer camp and are enjoying a lighter schedule. 🙂 w
Which is nice for me too.

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