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Happy Thursday Sandwich Bento

4 Aug

Just Another Sandwich Day

Happy Thursday Everyone.  The weekend is almost here.

I struggled with this morning’s bento.  Originally, I was going to do a simple sandwich and not do a bento.  But I have a hard time doing that.  I always feel like I need to spruce it up.  🙂

Today’s bento is rather simple.  This is a good example of a bento with no accessories.  Well, unless you consider the lettuce as an accessory.  I cut the ham and cheese sandwich into four and arranged it in the top section of a two tiered bento box.  I added the carrots on the side to make everything fit tightly.  The bottom tier has strawberries, Japanese crackers and kamaboko.  The kamaboko adds a nice punch of color to the bottom tier.

Contents: Ham and cheese sandwich, carrots, strawberries, kamaboko and crackers.

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