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Kamaboko Flowers and ” Can you name the white balled candy?”

16 Nov

Flower Bento

I haven’t had time to really explore my new bento books, so I had to go with an ol’ standby bento – the sandwich! 🙂  Although, I did manage to jazz them up a bit with the kamaboko flowers.  I’m trying to think if there are any tips to be given from this bento, but it’s pretty much my fast and easy bento.  To make the sandwiches, I make one normal sized sandwich, cut off the crusts because Ms. Little Bubbles doesn’t like the crust, and then cut it into four. I then line the middle of the bento with lettuce, cut the kamaboko, peel a cutie and then added some Japanese cracker/candies.  Okay… I just realized that I do not know the name of the small round balls in the bento.  I’m sure my Japanese bento blogger friends can help me out with this one!  Wow… I can’t believe I’m forgetting the name.

Contents:  Ham and cheese sandwich, cutie, kamaboko, and the mysterious white balls 🙂

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