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Blueberries! They add POP! to a bento

21 Oct

Humm... My First OK Bento

Okay, so this is what I consider my first “OK” bento.  After my pudding mishap, I searched for a bento box that would separate my food with inner containers.  I found this box online at Marukai and love, love, love it!  I was so paranoid at the time that I would never find another bento box like this, that I ordered two!  I still have a spare in my pantry.

When I got this bento box, I remember studying (call me crazy) other bloggers and bento books trying to see and understand the style that I like and how I would like to present my food.  One thing I really liked about this bento was the color.  For the longest time, I insisted on putting blueberries in Ms. Little Bubbles bentos because it made for a much more beautiful bento.  But she hates blueberries!  And given the cost of a small box, I had to give up my blue.  😦 This particular bento had too much food for my Little Bubbles, but she did like it.  🙂

Contents:  Onigiri, teriyaki chicken, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, carrots and edamame


Gasp! My Second Bento and It’s Not Pretty

19 Oct

My 2nd Bento

This is the second bento I ever made, and I look at it in horror now.  The biggest mistake I made here is the pudding in the uncovered cup.  When I made this for Ms. Little Bubbles, she was young, and thus the small amount of food.  But still, there is little substance and it just looks a bit unbalanced to me.  I think I just had my Little Sweet Pea, and I’m sure I was a bit tired when I made this.  Or at least that’s the story I’m sticking too.  However, there is an important lesson to be learned from my mistake, don’t include a pudding or a liquid type of food within your bento without a lid.  It could have spilled, contaminated other food and just made a big mess of things.

Contents: Imitation crab sticks (it was her favorite at the time), small hot dogs, edamame, strawberries and pudding

Everyone Has A First – Here Is My First Bento

18 Oct
My Very First Bento

The month of October is a crazy month for my family.  Thus, I’ve opted to simplify my life and order school lunch for Ms. Little Bubbles.  I’m not very happy about it, especially since it comes at cost of $6 a lunch!  Wow! And I don’t even know if she is eating it all.  You know, growing up, my school lunches were 45 cents.  Let me say that again… 45 cents.  I don’t consider myself that old, but wow, times have changed.  Hummm…. maybe I am old.  LOL.

So, given my lack of current bentos, I thought I’d dig deep and show you my very first bento.  I highly suggest that if you are going to start bento making, take pictures! And if you are brave enough, share them with the world.  My first bento was not very imaginative, or neat, but i think it was a little balanced.  However, what got me psyched about making bentos was the feedback I got from my friends on Facebook.  They were great, and made me want to do it over and over again.  After this first bento, I made a few missteps (another post) but as with all things in life, practice counts, support makes you feel fantastic and a little imagination always helps.  🙂  Ahh… Life is like a bento box.  LOL.

Contents:  Ham and cheese sandwich, imitation crab stick, strawberry, grapes and a yogurt drink.

She’s Back – Hello Kitty! :-)

12 Oct
Hello Kitty Mac and Cheese

Hello Kitty Mac and Cheese

She is back! 😉  My quick and easy Hello Kitty couldn’t stay away for long.  Although, she almost didn’t have a bow because I didn’t have my usual standby bow ingredient – kamaboko.  I stood looking in my refrigerator for a few seconds thinking “now what???” and then I saw the apples!  Ah ha…. I used the apple peel as the bow. It was a bit hard to cut out but I think it worked out okay.  I guess you can say this bento has a few of my favorites, or Ms. Little Bubbles favorites – Lunch Bots container, Hello Kitty, steamed cinnamon apples, mac and cheese and ginger cookies.  🙂

Contents:  Mac and cheese, steamed cinnamon apples, ginger cookies


It’s simple, it’s fast, and she loves it. Mac & Cheese Bento.

11 Oct

Today is yet another quick bento. Humm… I’m not sure if I can even call a thermos lunch a bento.
Today Ms. Little Bubbles is having mac and cheese with hot dogs in her thermos. In one of my favorite Elph containers I have cinnamon apples, edamame and steamed carrots. The cinnamon apples are so good! I had to stop eating them so she would have some for lunch! 🙂

Contents: mac and cheese with hot dogs, edamame, carrots and cinnamon apples.

Pizza Bento? What are you talking about?

6 Oct

Pizza Bento

This is my American version bento.  Some people think that bentos always need to have Japanese food in them.  But this is not a Japanese food bento.  This is an all American bento – filled with Hawaiian pizza (pineapples on pizza still weird me out, but my kids love it).  Again, I haven’t had much time to think of cute bentos, so this is one that was thrown together very quickly and then decorated with flower picks and the cute bunny baran.  🙂  If you haven’t noticed, I tend to use the same things over and over again.

Contents: Hawaiian pizza, strawberries, carrots and crackers

Hot Dogs and Rice (don’t laugh)

5 Oct

Hot Dogs and Rice

As I started to write this entry, I realized how weird hot dogs and rice may seem to some people.  I’m Japanese and it’s normal for me to eat rice with everything.  Don’t laugh, I’ve even been known to eat it with my spaghetti.  🙂

I’ve been busy with work lately, and haven’t had time to think of cute fancy bentos, so Ms. Little Bubbles has been getting fast and dirty bentos.  This bento took me less than ten minutes.  I made the rice and hot dogs the night before and just had to cut the carrots and slice the strawberries in the morning.  The all beef hot dogs were sauteed in shoyu (soy sauce) and mirin.  I would have added onions, but Ms. Bubbles doesn’t like onions.

Contents:  Beef hot dogs, rice with furikake, carrots, strawberries and crackers


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