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“HaHaHa” Onigiri and Shoyu Hot Dogs

12 Jan

Happy Hot Dogs

Looking at this bento I get really happy.  I honestly think it’s just because of the fabric I used for the picture.  The bento is pretty simple – shoyu hot dogs, happy onigiri’s, carrots, beans and cantaloupe.  Nothing fancy, and pretty easy to make in the morning.  But the happy fabric, just makes you smile.  LOL.  The fabric is actually an apron that my aunt made for me.  She made Ms. Little Bubbles and Ms. Little Bubbles’ doll matching aprons too.  We have a complete family of aprons.  Soooo cute!

To make the hot dogs, I quickly tossed them in a pan with a splash of shoyu (soy sauce) and mirin (sweet cooking rice wine). Super simple and super easy.

Contents:  shoyu sugar hot dogs, happy onigiri’s, carrots, beans and cantaloupe

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