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Tuna Casserole Bento

23 Feb


This past Sunday I channeled my super mom gene and prepared three dinner meals in anticipation of a busy week. The second meal in the batch was a tuna casserole. When I made it on Sunday, it was creamy and smelled so delicious! But then I put it in the refrigerator with a plan on warming it up the next day. Sadly the noodles soaked up all the creaminess. However, I still had the kids eat it and made a bento out of it.

This bento was a fast and dirty one. I accidentally woke up late, and had to throw this bento together. I tried to cover all my food groups, but probably went heavy on the starch and fruits. 🙂 that’s okay, Ms. Little Bubbles ate most if it!


Happy Valentines Day Cards

18 Feb


I know these aren’t bento related but I wanted to share my daughter’s valentines day cards for her friends. We had a busy weekend planned last week, but carved out an hour for her to make these cards. For the most part, she traced and cut the cards herself. But she absolutely wrote each one herself. I’m not sure if she 100% got what it means (write vs right) but she was so excited to share them with her friends. Personally, I’m happy we found a way to give a Valentines without candy.

Another Hello Kitty Bento

14 Feb


Wow, I know, it’s been awhile since I posted a bento.  I’ve been making bentos and have been taking photos of them, but haven’t been able to get to the posting part.  😦  I’m sorry!  As a working mom, life gets crazy.  My “busy” period at work is January – February.  It coincides with flu season too, so it always makes for an interesting time of the year.  A few weeks ago, I caught a bug that knocked me out!  Man, my bones hurt.  But thankfully that flu is done and I’m back to normal, just in time for busy, busy days.

This bento was made last week, or the week before (I’m sorry, I can’t remember).  I swore that I would make a fast bento, but it looked so sad and I felt bad that I wasn’t making “cute” bentos for Ms. Little Bubbles.  So I threw in a Hello Kitty.

Again, a fast and speedy bento.  I hope to catch up with the photos I have on my phone and I have a few recipes that I want to share too.  🙂

Take care everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day.  May your day and YEAR be blessed with love.

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