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Wholly Cow… Its been awhile

5 Jul


Sorry for the lack of posts! I feel bad! The last few months have been nuts. 😦 I can hardly believe that it is July…my summer is almost gone. As with most summers, I take it easy on bento making given my daughter is in summer camp and I try to make lunches fast and easy. This summer is no different. Although, having to plan two snacks and a lunch is stretching my mind a bit.

In May I took an early summer vacation with my family to attend my sister-in-laws wedding. Which by the way, the food stations at the wedding were outrageously awesome! Once we returned home, Ms. Little Bubbles still had two weeks of school left and given how tied and exhausted I was from the trip, I got lazy and ordered her hot lunch from school. Which by the way, she sees as a treat and looooooves it.

On Tuesday I made my first bento in awhile and planned on taking a picture of it. But much to my dismay, my daughter packed her lunch pack herself (great, right?!?) except she put her bento box in sideways! Eiya! Nonetheless, I didn’t bother taking a pic of that.

Above is today’s bento. Most of it is leftover from 4th of July. The grilled peaches were great, as was all the meat my hubs BBQ’d. But the kiddos prefer their simple mac and cheese, go figure. 🙂

Oh, by the way, here is a pic of the gigantic squash my friend grew in her garden! Nuts-o big!! We grilled it on 4th of July.


So… Here’s to more posts and blogs. I have a few more to post to catch up and will work on those. 🙂

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