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Happy musubi and chicken #bento

3 Jun


Simple yet cute. I didn’t originally have cute faces, but I had a little bit of time and figured I could put a little cuteness in the bento for my kiddos.

The chicken is leftover from a luau we went to yesterday. It’s really good! My daughter likes the chicken, but firmly said no to the kalua pig and poi. Lol!

Breakfast for Lunch #Bento Comes to the Rescue :-)

30 May


Breakfast for lunch bento for the kiddos today. Lol… Not that I’m trying to be creative but because I have nothing else to give them. Proof that we had a great long weekend? 🙂

Waffles, hard boiled egg (without yolk), strawberries and syrup.

Bear costume bento

20 May


Okay. This took a lot of brain power. My egg sheet didn’t turn out right and it doesn’t fit the rice properly, but you get the idea. I am worried that the carrot nose will come off when opened but the other elements should be okay. I have to say, my favorite element is the ladybug. Lol. But getting the nori to stick to the tomato was a challenge.

I got the bear idea from Cooking Gallery. She’s got amazing work!!

Hot dog sushi

17 May


Quick, fast and easy… Hot dog sushi bento. I didn’t plan on adding faces, but it looked so bare. 🙂 happy faces makes the bento.

Mickey Mouse Bento Sandwich

16 May


This is my first time using my Mickey Mouse set. I had to freehand the ears and forgot he has black on the top of his head too. So I didn’t quite nail the Mickey look, but you get the idea. :-).

Sleeping bears :-)

14 May


As I mentioned before (I think…???) every Monday for a month I’m making my daughters friend a bento as her mom won it at our school auction. Given the mount she paid, I’m trying to do something special. Yesterday’s bento were bears under an egg “blanket”. Under the blanket were a few pieces if chicken.



Gyoza field trip bento

10 May


Today my little girl, well she is not that little any more, went on a school field trip to a museum. We had instructions that they had to wear their red shirts and pack a disposable lunch. Over the summer, in anticipation of these types of events, I had my sister in law send me these adorable plastic bento boxes. They are perfect for field trips, plane rides or an average picnic date :-).

Today’s bento has a variety of food: gyoza, musubi, broccoli and carrots, oranges, kiwi and blackberries.

Piggy bento

6 May


I’m alive! Just have not been posting my bentos. Sorry.

But here is today’s bento for my kiddos and my daughters friend.

Oink oink piggy spam musubi bento. 🙂

Simple Burger Bento & Two Bentos a Day???

3 Aug


I’ve started to post pics from Instagram straight to my Twitter account. It’s much easier and I love the way Instagram takes photos! The filters add a personal touch.

Today’s bento used leftovers from last night’s dinner. A simple cheeseburger with strawberries, carrots, and a mix if arare and dried edamame.

Today was Ms. Little Bubbles last day of summer camp three!! We still have two more to go! Not two more weeks, but two different camps! I almost feel like summer is harder than a normal school year! However, it just dawned on me today that starting in September I have to make two bentos a day as Mr. Sweet Pea starts preschool. Eiya… How am I going to do that? And he is much pickier than my daughter. Hummmmmmm…. Wish me luck!

Nothing much to say bento :-)

28 Jul


Nothing much to say. Just wanted to share Thursday’s simple sandwich bento. I used the thin sandwich bread. My daughter loves them. I also looooove that cherries are in season! So yummy!

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