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Bear costume bento

20 May


Okay. This took a lot of brain power. My egg sheet didn’t turn out right and it doesn’t fit the rice properly, but you get the idea. I am worried that the carrot nose will come off when opened but the other elements should be okay. I have to say, my favorite element is the ladybug. Lol. But getting the nori to stick to the tomato was a challenge.

I got the bear idea from Cooking Gallery. She’s got amazing work!!


Chicken Apple Sliders

7 Mar


I have a bunch of bento photos ready to upload, but just haven’t had a chance. Sorry for the delay and blog posting absence.

This bento was inspired by a recipe from Jolene’s “What’s Cooking Chicago” blog. I was looking for easy freezer friendly recipes and found a few, but just made them this week without preparing them for the freezer.

This bento has a chicken and apple cheese burger. You can’t really see it as it’s hidden in the bun. But quite frankly, it’s kinda bland looking that I don’t think it would look as appetizing in a picture. The happy mochi was made by Ms. Little Bubbles and in celebration of Girl’s Day. It was so super easy to make! I think 10 minutes total in the microwave!

I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to get back into bento making once work slows down.

Happy March everyone! Be happy!!!!

Simple Cheese Flower Brings A Smile To This Hamburger

13 Sep

Hamburger Bento

This is a perfect leftover bento.  This past weekend we had some friends over and BBQ’d.  We have so much left over I don’t even know what to do with all the food.  I will probably have to freeze a bunch tonight, and am officially over hamburger and chili.  🙂  This is a bento I made yesterday for Ms. Little Bubbles.  It has a small hamburger slider, made with a Hawaiian Sweet Bread Roll.  The hamburger my husband made was really moist and good – he for the most part followed this recipe.  As I mentioned in another blog entry, the apples in the bento were dipped in salty water to keep them from browning.

For this bento, I have a simple tip – cut out a cheese flower, put a cute face on it (made with my quail egg nori punch) and tada – a simple cheese flower that will make your little one smile.

Contents: Hamburger slider on sweet bread, apples, carrots, strawberries, all fruit gummies.

Pandas love Meatloaf

6 Aug

Mmmmm... Pandas Loves Meatloaf


I know, I know…. Meatloaf bento??? I was uninspired for dinner last night and we ended up with meatloaf. However, it didn’t cook in time so we had to eat leftovers. Go figure. 🙂

Bentos definitely don’t need to be Japanese food only, and this proves that. However, rice is a staple in my house, so the bento has rice instead of mashed potatoes. 🙂

Contents: meatloaf, rice, strawberries, kamaboko and steamed carrots.

“Cheese” says the Hamburger

25 Jul

"Cheese" Hamburger

Today’s bento used a hamburger slider from a birthday party that my little one went to this past weekend.  The heart is a bit bigger than I would have liked, but it was a last minute addition to the bento.  I about to pack the bento and felt like something was missing.  So I search for the appropriate sized shape to put on the bun.  This was the closest I could get.  It’s a bit big for me, but ah well.  🙂 This bento also has carrots, green beans, strawberries and some cute Japanese crackers (I can’t remember the name…)

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