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Gyoza field trip bento

10 May


Today my little girl, well she is not that little any more, went on a school field trip to a museum. We had instructions that they had to wear their red shirts and pack a disposable lunch. Over the summer, in anticipation of these types of events, I had my sister in law send me these adorable plastic bento boxes. They are perfect for field trips, plane rides or an average picnic date :-).

Today’s bento has a variety of food: gyoza, musubi, broccoli and carrots, oranges, kiwi and blackberries.


A Rainbow of Color Makes a Pretty Bento

23 Aug

Happy Musubi with Gyoza

Looking at this bento makes me laugh.  The nori punched faces are so funny.  🙂  I think this bento is a good example of a bento that has a nice palette of color.  To make your bentos pop, try to have a wide variety of color to your bentos.  I use to include blueberries in all of my bentos for Ms. Little Bubbles because I liked the balance of color.  But she doesn’t like blueberries and would never eat them.  (go figure… they use to be her favorite as a toddler…) I stopped including them because at $5 a basket, it was an expensive item to include to make the bento look pretty.  So, you’ll rarely see blueberries in my bentos nowadays. I’ve tried to find a replacement for the blue, but it’s hard!  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Contents: Gyoza, musubi, carrots, blueberries, orange, strawberry (oh, the juice is a treat.  I usually don’t include juice, but once in a while, it’s a nice surprise for Ms. Little Bubbles)

No Brown Apples in my Bento

6 Aug

This was a bento I did earlier in the week and didn’t have a chance to upload it.  I think there is a total of three gyoza bentos this past week!  Yes, I made a lot of gyoza.  For this one, I made yaki soba noodles to go with the gyoza.  I purchased the yaki soba from a Japanese grocery store in the area, then added peas, kamaboko and hot dogs.  For the fruit, I put strawberries and apples.  To keep the apples from going brown, I dipped them in salt water. I didn’t leave them in there too long as I didn’t want it to get salty.  I’ve tried lemon juice in the past, but I didn’t like the taste of the apples after I put the juice on it.

Contents:  Gyoza, noodles, broccoli, carrots, strawberries and apples


Noodles & Gyoza

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