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I Love My LunchBots Bento Box

26 Sep

Love My LunchBots Bento Box

Last week a blog reader asked me if I had any suggestions for bento boxes that are BPA free.  One of my favorite bento boxes that meets this need is my LunchBots box.  I love this box as it is stainless steel and comes in various sizes that are divided or not divided.

After reading this comment, I was inspired to use my LunchBots box for Ms. Little Bubbles lunch.  This particular box is divided, but you can’t see the divider because it is covered by lettuce.  If you decide to use this box, I do want to offer a bit of advice – although there is a divider, each section is not completely sealed. Therefore, don’t put food that contains water or sauce on one side thinking that it won’t run to the other, because it may.  To be safe, if you have food that contains sauces or are a bit juicy, such as watermelon, you should use bento cup liners and/or silicon cups.

For information on the BPA levels in other Japanese bento boxes, please visit Just Bento’s Blog.  She’s wonderful and offers a lot of information.

Contents: Yaki soba, grapes, ginger cookies and strawberries


Recycle Your Take Out Containers – They Make Great Airplane Bentos

21 Aug

Field Trip Bento

This bento was created using a recycled container from a take out place. I tend to save containers that are rectangular in shape and have lids – they make perfect on the go bento boxes, especially for airplane trips (cheaper than buying a meal on the plane) and field trips for the little ones.

I took this picture earlier in the year, and honestly, I can’t remember if it was for me or Ms. Little Bubbles. I kind of think it was for my daughter as it has a sweet treat in it (the little pink wrapper), but if it was for a field trip, I don’t know if I’d pack meat and noodles. Usually for her field trips I pack a sandwich or musubi as it doesn’t need an ice pack. I may have made this for one of my trips. Well, either way, the same concepts apply to making this bento. I used leftover food and made sure they were tightly packed in the container. I kept it simple as I knew I would have to recycle the container and not bring it home.

Contents: Noodles, chicken, musubi with furikake, carrots and a sweet treat

No Brown Apples in my Bento

6 Aug

This was a bento I did earlier in the week and didn’t have a chance to upload it.  I think there is a total of three gyoza bentos this past week!  Yes, I made a lot of gyoza.  For this one, I made yaki soba noodles to go with the gyoza.  I purchased the yaki soba from a Japanese grocery store in the area, then added peas, kamaboko and hot dogs.  For the fruit, I put strawberries and apples.  To keep the apples from going brown, I dipped them in salt water. I didn’t leave them in there too long as I didn’t want it to get salty.  I’ve tried lemon juice in the past, but I didn’t like the taste of the apples after I put the juice on it.

Contents:  Gyoza, noodles, broccoli, carrots, strawberries and apples


Noodles & Gyoza

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