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28 Jul

Fried Rice Bento

Today my Bubbles (my daughter) had a field trip, so I didn’t make her a bento.  She got a sandwich thrown in a brown paper bag with an organic fruit roll-up, apple sauce and chips!  GASP!  LOL!  I’m proud to say, she listened to me and saved her chips for last and didn’t eat all of them because she ate everything else first.  But still… GASP!

The bento I’m posting today is one that I made a few months ago.  The main dish of the bento is fried rice with chicken.  The stars are made from kamaboko, and the suns are made from cheese.  Although, they do look like eggs.  I used a vegetable cutter to cut the white cheese and another cutter for the yellow part.  The faces are made from nori. Originally, I didn’t have the suns on the fried rice, but the rice looked so bare. I started to dig in my bento stash to see how I could jazz up the rice, and the eggs came to be.

Contents of bento: Fried rice with chicken, kamaboko, cheese for the suns, strawberries, carrots and rice cakes.

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