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Hello Kitty Hawaiian Style Breakfast Bento

29 Jul

Hello Kitty Hawaiian Style Breakfast Bento


This is a bento I made earlier in the year.  It’s was a pretty fast bento as I reused the tamagoyaki (eggs) and sausage from breakfast.  This to me is a typical Hawaiian style breakfast, right down to the furikake on the rice. The carrots is not very typical, but I always want to give my daughter some type of veggie in her lunch, and she loves carrots.

There isn’t anything too fancy about this bento, but what makes it special is the Hello Kitty bento box and the heart shaped kamaboko.  So, a quick tip for new bento makers – get a cute box and use a cutter to make cute shapes that can sit on top of your food.  🙂


Contents:  Tamagoyaki (eggs), sausage, rice, carrots, strawberries, grapes and heart shaped kamaboko


Panda Express

29 Jul

When I woke up this morning I realized I had no leftovers. So I was thinking I would make some gyoza for Little Miss Bubbles. But I opted to hit the snooze button. So….. She got a sandwich instead.

I should have used a bento box with a separate inside container to hold the fruit as it was pretty juicy. I instead lined half the box with plastic wrap and covered it with lettuce to hide the plastic. I suppose it worked just as good.

The sandwich was pretty bare, so I decorated it with the pandas. 🙂

Contents: watermelon, strawberries, pineapple, soy nut butter sandwich, and carrots.


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