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“Cheese” says the Hamburger

25 Jul

"Cheese" Hamburger

Today’s bento used a hamburger slider from a birthday party that my little one went to this past weekend.  The heart is a bit bigger than I would have liked, but it was a last minute addition to the bento.  I about to pack the bento and felt like something was missing.  So I search for the appropriate sized shape to put on the bun.  This was the closest I could get.  It’s a bit big for me, but ah well.  🙂 This bento also has carrots, green beans, strawberries and some cute Japanese crackers (I can’t remember the name…)


Miss Musubi

25 Jul

Musubi Girl

This is another bento I made for the magazine that will be published in August.  I made these bentos the day after I arrived back from vacation, so I didn’t have any leftovers in the house.  Therefore, the chicken in this bento is from Trader Joe’s.  Which by the way, is a really good stand-in for my usual teriyaki chicken.

The musubi girl is made from rice that I hand molded.  The eyes and mouth are nori, but the eye lashes are black sesame seeds.  I cut the flower carrot with the new cutters that I got from Marukai.  LOVE them!!! They come in two sizes and are awesome.

Given I just returned from vacation, I didn’t have a lot of fruit in the house either.  So, the cantaloupe is from Trader Joe’s too – pre-cut, making it so easy to use.

I usually like to use a colorful background for my bentos, and also take the photos in my kitchen.  But to ensure the best light, I decided to take these photos outside.  But, much to my dismay, it was an overcast morning, so the natural light wasn’t so great.  Although, using my black sweater as a backdrop did work out quite well.  Who knew… 😉

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