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Good Ol’ Standby – Hello Kitty Sandwich

1 Apr

This is just a good ol’ standby lunch.  This morning I need to make a simple, fast and easy lunch as Ms. Little Bubbles and I had to leave early for school.  Hello Kitty is a good standby for me as it’s fast to make out of white non-hole swiss cheese and ham and I can whip it out quickly.  I didn’t have any kamaboko on hand so I made the bow from a slice of ham.  Unfortunately, the veggies in my fridge were sparse, so Ms. Little Bubbles just got fruit.

She’s Back – Hello Kitty! :-)

12 Oct
Hello Kitty Mac and Cheese

Hello Kitty Mac and Cheese

She is back! 😉  My quick and easy Hello Kitty couldn’t stay away for long.  Although, she almost didn’t have a bow because I didn’t have my usual standby bow ingredient – kamaboko.  I stood looking in my refrigerator for a few seconds thinking “now what???” and then I saw the apples!  Ah ha…. I used the apple peel as the bow. It was a bit hard to cut out but I think it worked out okay.  I guess you can say this bento has a few of my favorites, or Ms. Little Bubbles favorites – Lunch Bots container, Hello Kitty, steamed cinnamon apples, mac and cheese and ginger cookies.  🙂

Contents:  Mac and cheese, steamed cinnamon apples, ginger cookies


Ten Minute Hello Kitty Sandwich

14 Sep

Hello Kitty Sandwich

Just like the day before, I had no idea what to make this morning.  😉  Thus, another sandwich day for Ms. Little Bubbles.  Making this Hello Kitty sandwich is really fast and easy (you just need the right tools) and requires little brain power at 5:30am!  I did watch the clock and it only took me 10 minutes to make this bento.  My brain was a little fuzzy, so I added the additional hearts without really thinking about the “layout” and feel like it might be a bit too much.  But that’s okay…. 🙂

Hello Kitty Bento Kit

Contents:  Ham and cheese sandwich, Swiss cheese for the Hello Kitty, strawberries, kamaboko, crackers

No Frills Bento – Just a Cute Hello Kitty Bento Box

13 Aug

Hello Kitty Soy Nut Butter & Jelly Sandwich


Yesterday was a rough morning for me.  Little Sweet Pea got up at ~4:30am, which is insanely early for me.  I tried to get him back to sleep but then Little Ms. Bubbles woke up with the noise and then everyone was up.  Whooohoo.  🙂

When it came to putting together Little Ms. Bento’s bento, it was thrown together with little thought.  I like this bento box because it’s an easy standby that requires little decorating of the food because the box is so darn cute.  I made her a soy nut butter and jelly sandwich, cut off the edges and placed it in half of the bento.  The other side is strawberries cut into slices and carrots that I cut with my vegetable cutter.  Another reason why I really like this bento box is that it comes with a divided container section.  Therefore, I’m able to put “wet” stuff on that side and the liquid won’t run into the other section.  By no means is it leak proof, so I won’t put soup or anything it it.  But if I had tofu, it would have been perfect for that.

Contents:  Soy nut butter and jelly sandwich, strawberries and carrots

Hello Kitty Hawaiian Style Breakfast Bento

29 Jul

Hello Kitty Hawaiian Style Breakfast Bento


This is a bento I made earlier in the year.  It’s was a pretty fast bento as I reused the tamagoyaki (eggs) and sausage from breakfast.  This to me is a typical Hawaiian style breakfast, right down to the furikake on the rice. The carrots is not very typical, but I always want to give my daughter some type of veggie in her lunch, and she loves carrots.

There isn’t anything too fancy about this bento, but what makes it special is the Hello Kitty bento box and the heart shaped kamaboko.  So, a quick tip for new bento makers – get a cute box and use a cutter to make cute shapes that can sit on top of your food.  🙂


Contents:  Tamagoyaki (eggs), sausage, rice, carrots, strawberries, grapes and heart shaped kamaboko

Hello world!

19 Jul

Here is my first bento post! Whoohooo!

Kinda exciting. Kinda scary.

This was a bento I made for a local magazine in their back-to-school issue.  It’s a pretty standard bento that I can whip out pretty easily in the morning for my daughter’s lunch. For this sandwich I used whole grain bread for the soy nut butter and jelly sandwich.  The jelly was strawberry-papaya, and I received it as a wedding favor.  It was REALLY good. (Thanks Sheila and Mike!)

Hello Kitty is made from a slice of white cheese, I think it says swiss cheese, but there are no holes.  The whiskers and eyes are made from nori, the nose is made from a slice of american cheese and the bow is made from kamaboko (Japanese fishcake).

Other ingredients in the bento include: pretzels, strawberries, blueberries and carrots.

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