Tamagoyaki and Nori Rolls With a Baseball Player Cutie :-)

5 Dec

Tamagoyaki and Nori Rolls with my Baseball Cutie

LOL!  It’s late and my sense of humor is a bit off, but I think the baseball “cutie” is cute.  But do you get it… it’s a cutie orange.  LOL!  Okay… I’ll spare you my humor.

I made the tamagoyaki rolls with a tool my hubs got for me.  It’s a silicon rectangle that you can put in any pan.  It’s suppose to allow you to make tamagoyaki without a special tamagoyaki pan.  But I learned that you need a REALLY flat pan.  My pan was not completely flat and the eggs leaked out on the sides, and it was hard to continue the tamagoyaki layering process with this “tool”.  So, I had to improvise and give Ms. Little Bubbles a tamagoyaki “roll” with nori.

After putting this bento together, I felt (as usual) that something was missing.  So I quickly got out my new nori punch and a cute baseball pick hat, and that made the bento complete.  I can’t help but smile when I see my baseball cutie.  LOL!  It makes up for the tamagoyaki mishap.

Contents:  Rice with furikake, tamagoyaki, broccoli, carrots, kamaboko, and a cutie


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