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Mac and Cheese with Edamame (but a story on my Christmas disaster bento)

9 Dec

Simple Leftover Bento

I’m back!  Sorry for the week long break.  I have been making bentos this week, but I had a disaster of a bento on Monday and just couldn’t bring myself to post it.  I tried to make a Christmas bento, and just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do.  I ended up deciding to try a colored egg sheet tree.  OMG!  It was awful.  There was too much oil, the pan was not hot enough, my first try ended up with a gloppy mess and my second sheet was too shiny (due to the oil).  And then I decided to get all fancy and put sprinkles on it to act as “lights” on the tree.  Well… the sprinkles melted once it hit the oil on the tree, and I ended up with black smudges on the tree.  Oh, I was so sad.  Maybe if I have the courage, I’ll post a small picture of it at the end of this post.

Well… that has nothing to do with the bento picture above.  Besides the fact that I decided I need to stick to good ol’ standbys until I can perfect a christmas bento.  But I only have another week, so I better get crackin’ on that one.

The above bento is a leftover bento.  My motto is that I don’t like to fuss with my bentos, thus the Christmas tree bento is steppin’ out of my element.  Today’s bento is made from leftover mac and cheese from California Pizza Kitchen.  They already mixed it with edamame, I just added the carrots.  You can’t tell, but mixed in with the carrots on the right are sweet potatoes.  I had a large gap next to the carrots/sweet potato cup, and quickly searched in my cabinet for something to throw into the other cup.  I luckily found snack peas.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Contents: Mac and cheese with edamame, strawberries, carrots, sweet potatoes and snack peas.

😦 my sad Christmas trees


Tamagoyaki and Nori Rolls With a Baseball Player Cutie :-)

5 Dec

Tamagoyaki and Nori Rolls with my Baseball Cutie

LOL!  It’s late and my sense of humor is a bit off, but I think the baseball “cutie” is cute.  But do you get it… it’s a cutie orange.  LOL!  Okay… I’ll spare you my humor.

I made the tamagoyaki rolls with a tool my hubs got for me.  It’s a silicon rectangle that you can put in any pan.  It’s suppose to allow you to make tamagoyaki without a special tamagoyaki pan.  But I learned that you need a REALLY flat pan.  My pan was not completely flat and the eggs leaked out on the sides, and it was hard to continue the tamagoyaki layering process with this “tool”.  So, I had to improvise and give Ms. Little Bubbles a tamagoyaki “roll” with nori.

After putting this bento together, I felt (as usual) that something was missing.  So I quickly got out my new nori punch and a cute baseball pick hat, and that made the bento complete.  I can’t help but smile when I see my baseball cutie.  LOL!  It makes up for the tamagoyaki mishap.

Contents:  Rice with furikake, tamagoyaki, broccoli, carrots, kamaboko, and a cutie

Tamagoyaki (egg) Hearts – BTW, I love my new tamagoyaki pan!

11 Nov

Tamagoyaki Hearts

A few posts ago I complained about my tamagoyaki pan.  Yes it was awful, but I was always so stubborn to go out and buy a new one.  Well… I finally did buy a new one and all I can say is WOW!  What a difference the new pan makes.  It’s wonderful and so easy.  The egg doesn’t stick to the pan, even with little oil.  I love my new pan!  🙂

Thus, in honor of my new pan, I made tamagoyaki hearts for Ms. Little Bubbles bento.  Fried rice is one of her favorite meals, so that is the base of this bento.  I then added tamagoyaki for an added protein.  I think I made one egg with an additional egg white.  I can’t remember exactly what I used.

Contents: Fried rice, tamagoyaki (egg), a cutie, broccoli, carrots and grapes

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