“Maaaamaaaa” Bento

26 Jul

Throw it Together Bento

Today’s bento was made with my little sweet pea crying the entire time. He’s got a strong-willed mind, that will bode well later in life when he will need to negotiate with people, but can cause much frustration for me at this time. This morning he wanted my husband’s toothbrush and didn’t understand why he couldn’t have it. Then he wanted to eat with his sister’s special spoon. Which, if you have kids, you know that if I gave it to him, would have caused another issue with the other kid. So, I stood my ground, and let him cry.

For me, this bento is pretty sad. I managed to put the strawberries in and then remembered I had a hard-boiled egg. But the layout and decoration just don’t jive for me. I feel like it’s off balanced, and there are no veggies. But ah well, at least she has lunch.

Contents: Ham and cheese sandwich, strawberries, egg and Japanese cigar crackers (they are sooo good. Almost like Hawaiian cream crackers, but not as sweet)


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